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Which English for your content?

English is the official working language of many multinational organizations. But all companies have national roots. When these roots are in non-English speaking countries, the choice of what English to write in can quickly become a headache. What do you mean by “what English to write in”? It’s very common for international companies to originate

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10 reasons to be kind to European content strategists

This post is a follow-up to a recent tweet in which I said: “The biggest enemy of CS in Europe is the budgetary bloat caused by localization requirements. Right tech ends up being too expensive.” I’m a lucky guy. In the past few weeks I’ve been pitching and/or working on projects that involve serious content

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Laid in translation

Further proof that you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of translation in designing your customer experience. Photo courtesy of a good friend of mine. Taken at Orly airport this morning. Is there another sign saying you should be prepared to buy the liquids dinner first?

Don't show off

I recently received feedback on a article I had written for a company magazine. I wrote it first in English and then translated it into French. The French version came back to me with corrections from the French-speaking client, which they wanted integrated into the original English version. One of the corrections presented a real

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Scary words: writing outside of the comfort zone

Some of my work involves writing collateral and websites in English for French clients. I’m brought in on these projects because I’m an English-language copywriter. But recently I ran into an interesting problem: vocabulary timidity. In both cases, the French clients didn’t want to use perfectly good English words, either out of fear or incomprehension,

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