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Which English for your content?

English is the official working language of many multinational organizations. But all companies have national roots. When these roots are in non-English speaking countries, the choice of what English to write in can quickly become a headache. What do you mean by “what English to write in”? It’s very common for international companies to originate

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Did anyone reread this?

Yesterday I called my mobile operator Orange to change an option. The sales rep informed that I was eligible for a new service plan that would save me €40 a month. She could send me the documentation if I was interested. Nice sales funnel, I thought. Not too pushy. The email arrived a couple seconds

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Strategic traits of content #3: Trajectory

This is the 3rd in a series of three articles about the traits shared by effective web content. The previous ones were about purpose and staging. I don’t know about you, but I’m lazy. When I land on a website for the first time I (usually) know why I am there, but I don’t know

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Naked clients: the paradox of brevity and its cause

Two hours into a site redesign meeting I looked up to discover that my client was naked. Rewind. I’d been brought in on the project to develop the content. We were basically starting from zero, which was good, or so I thought. After interviewing a gaggle of execs, we’d come up with a site map

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Don't shoot the copywriter

Am I paranoid or does copywriting have a bad name in content strategy circles? The more I read, the more I feel like some members of the CS community want to distance themselves from copywriters. Worse, an ad hoc caste system seems to be emerging: At the bottom are copywriters, who come in two flavors.

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Wise words

The other night I caught the tail end of a French TV show called La Grande Librarie (The Big Bookstore). One of the guests was the South African crime writer, Deon Meyer, whose latest novel, 13 Hours, has just been released in French. I haven’t read it, but after what he said, I just might.

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Web content strategy: the rhythm method

The other day one of my clients briefed me for a new launch. After discussing the product’s features, technology and selling points, we set about coming up with a shopping list of collateral needed to support the launch. When we turned our attention to web content, I could tell this part of the conversation was

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Scary words: writing outside of the comfort zone

Some of my work involves writing collateral and websites in English for French clients. I’m brought in on these projects because I’m an English-language copywriter. But recently I ran into an interesting problem: vocabulary timidity. In both cases, the French clients didn’t want to use perfectly good English words, either out of fear or incomprehension,

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Pause for thought

I’m looking for a new car, so the other day I spent some time browsing a few auto maker websites. Overall, I found the quality of the content and interaction to be pretty lacking. Navigation was all over the place. Documents weren’t up to date. Car configurators were either too shallow or turgid. I couldn’t

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Sometimes simplicity is best

We’ve all been there, right? How not to design a stop sign.