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It’s time to make room for content strategy in branding

Content strategy won’t be considered strategic until it has its own chapter in the corporate brand guidelines. Until then, content will just be web writing and copywriting. Ok, there, I’ve said it. Let me explain. I spend a lot of my time with one foot in branding and one foot in content. One thing I’ve

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Site navigation: Reality check from the underground

The other day, I was walking through an underground parking garage on the way back to my car. I’d just come out of a very interesting client meeting about content strategy and UX innovation. I was backtracking my way up a pink line painted on the floor, which I’d walked along a few hours earlier

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On scent and semiotics

Take a quick test for me. I’ll say a word and you tell me the first thing that comes into you head. Ready? Jersey What did you think of? A U.S. state? A sports shirt? A Channel Island? A dairy cow? A knit fabric? Well, the luxury brand Chanel is hoping for the latter. It recently

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