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Tale of two city maps

While wandering around London, where I’m attending CS Forum 11, I’ve got lost a couple times. So I’ve found myself consulting map signs on the sidewalk. Here are close-ups of two that I used. They are very similar, but one was instantly more helpful than the other. Can you guess which one and why? For

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Your underwear is showing

Shopping Cart Error Message

Is this really supposed to be reassuring?

While shopping online today I was presented with this screed of code at the bottom of the Shipping Method Selection page. Goes on for lines and lines. How many people would run away when faced with this? Definitely doesn’t inspire much confidence. And I love the “will go away eventually” line. Error message content at its finest. Proof that sometimes the best content is no content at all. Instead, bang the table and get people to fix the problem instead of shaving the bear.

Underground user experience fail

This is break from my regular programming. Sort of. I received a strange phone call the other day that brought interface design choices to life for me in a very real way. And I wanted to share it with you. Backstory A new toll tunnel recently opened on the west side of the Paris region.

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Words and actions

I’ve been working on a big website redesign project that has got me thinking a lot about the the role of words in user interface design. Words are often an afterthought for designers, but they can help simplify an interface. Case in point, this label that I spotted on a water heater in the men’s

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Bad targeting, anyone?

Someone, somewhere is wasting money on Google Adwords. This appeared on my browser this morning. I don’t think I’m the target.

Writing as design

Lately I’ve giving a lot of thought to the role of writing in experience design. It started with an article in the NYT that led to an article in the HBR by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO and a leading thinker in the Design Thinking movement. I then tracked down the author’s blog. It was

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