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Missed opportunity

A couple months ago I bought a new car and a few weeks ago I was asked to participate in an online owners survey by an independent polling company. I procrastinated, mainly because the first screen of the survey told me it would take around 20 minutes. But early this morning I had some free

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Caution: wet floor can injure your language


I dare any non-French speaker to figure what the English means. Bonus: where did I see it?


Dangerous capitalization


But do Federal Regulations permit the use of added hormones in neighboring countries?

More lost in translation

Spotted on the packaging of a laptop shell made by Speck. According to their website, their offices are “…filled with a crew of dedicated (dare we say obsessed) folks who really know their stuff. Hmm. Lightweight=briquet. Huh? Briquet is French for a lighter, as in cigarette lighter. Oh, and no need for the hyphen between

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Buttons and patterns: The devil is in the details

I’m not going crazy. But I thought I was, because of appointment invitations. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I’d receive an invitation, click or tap the accept button (depending on the device), and then discover it wasn’t in my calendar. It was driving me crazy. Clients would call me to ask why

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Lost in translation

Some translations are so bad that they have an almost surreal quality to them. I spotted this one yesterday in a Paris parking garage/car park.

What’s the [exclamation] point?

While looking for travel insurance I stumbled across this piece of content. The product is entitled “Repatriation of Remains Solution.” What really caught my eye was the body copy (no pun intended). It translates to: “Insurance for burial in your country of origin!” Is the exclamation point really necessary? Is it supposed to lighten up

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Letting go of formats

Personal and professional projects are to blame for my latest spate of silence. I’m hopefully back in the saddle as of today. As part of my unhealthy obsession with purpose-driven web sites and context, I’ve been trying to adopt a new mental model. I’ve been purposefully trying to put off thinking about content in terms

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Be careful what you like

Is content strategy biased towards the written word?

I’ll bet that if you scratch the surface of just about any content strategist you will find a writer underneath. I’m no exception. It’s no surprise then that a great deal of the talk among practitioners tends to revolve around words. Add to that the fact that text was the original content of the web

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