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Can I get some creativity with that content strategy?

I have confession to make. I’m struggling with content strategy. Specifically, the strategy part. Let me walk you through what’s been niggling at my brain. Uncomfortable with the definition The Content Strategy Knol says that “content strategy is an emerging field of practice encompassing every aspect of content, including its design, development, analysis, presentation, measurement,

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Epilogue: Waking up from the Apple and UPS Customer Experience Nightmare

The nightmare is over. A couple weeks ago, just days after I blogged on my horrible customer experience, Apple called me to say that they had ordered a replacement for the lost MacBook Pro. The threat of financial loss melted away. By pure coincidence, the day the computer finally arrived I got a call from

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Customer Experience nightmare: UPS UI hurts Apple’s UX

Steve Jobs and Apple have a well-earned reputation as control freaks, as the latest debate about Flash shows. In his open letter on Flash Jobs says: “We know from painful experience that letting a third party layer of software come between the platform and the developer ultimately results in sub-standard apps and hinders the enhancement

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Random thoughts

Prototype as if you are right. Listen as if you are wrong. Diego Rodriguez

Nothing to say vs. no time to listen

Something a great friend of mine said to me during a long overdue chat we had this weekend got me thinking. The web has profoundly changed communications, or so goes the common wisdom. And a lot of what used to work doesn’t seem to work anymore. The web is abuzz with talk of conversations, social

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Don't show off

I recently received feedback on a article I had written for a company magazine. I wrote it first in English and then translated it into French. The French version came back to me with corrections from the French-speaking client, which they wanted integrated into the original English version. One of the corrections presented a real

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Who says words aren't important

Eurostar’s website gave me a scare this morning. I logged on to check a reservation that I made a couple weeks ago. The trip is tomorrow. After entering the reference number and my email, the system told me the reservation had been cancelled. Yikes. A couple frantic calls to customer support (my penny) revealed that

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iPhones and cruise control

I’m fascinated by accusations of exploding iPhones in France. Are we witnessing the birth of an urban legend or is this a real product quality problem? Everyone has an opinion on whether Apple is handling it correctly or not. But what I find fascinating is how similar the reports are to the accusations made back

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Tail wagging the dog: the role of IT in intranet redesign

A brochure project came off the rails the other day because the printer told us he didn’t like to print pages with the dimensions we asked for. It was technically possible, but his “policy” wouldn’t allow it. And he couldn’t assemble the pages in the order we wanted. Didn’t make sense to him. We had

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Words and actions

I’ve been working on a big website redesign project that has got me thinking a lot about the the role of words in user interface design. Words are often an afterthought for designers, but they can help simplify an interface. Case in point, this label that I spotted on a water heater in the men’s

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