Did anyone reread this?

Yesterday I called my mobile operator Orange to change an option. The sales rep informed that I was eligible for a new service plan that would save me €40 a month. She could send me the documentation if I was interested.

Nice sales funnel, I thought. Not too pushy. The email arrived a couple seconds after I hung up.

The plan is called Performance Pro pour iPhone. The last line caught my eye.

The plan comes with a SAV Echange Flash which promises to replace my phone in under four hours in the Paris region (if lost or stolen, I’m assuming).

What made me laugh was the phrase in parentheses at the end of the line:

hors iPhone and iPad
Translation: excluding iPhones and iPads

That’s right, the Performance Pro plan for iPhone comes with a replacement program that doesn’t cover iPhones. Nice.

Further proof, in case any was needed, that content is made to be read. So before publishing content, make sure it makes sense.


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