Month: September 2011

When free isn’t free

It’s very trendy in France to pepper advertising and marketing with English words, especially when naming things. Here, for example, is a promotion from Hygena fitted kitchens called, in French, “Kitchen Weeks.” As amusing and/or grating as this can be on the ears of English speakers, and overlooking for a moment the way it gives

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Buttons and patterns: The devil is in the details

I’m not going crazy. But I thought I was, because of appointment invitations. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I’d receive an invitation, click or tap the accept button (depending on the device), and then discover it wasn’t in my calendar. It was driving me crazy. Clients would call me to ask why

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Tale of two city maps

While wandering around London, where I’m attending CS Forum 11, I’ve got lost a couple times. So I’ve found myself consulting map signs on the sidewalk. Here are close-ups of two that I used. They are very similar, but one was instantly more helpful than the other. Can you guess which one and why? For

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