Month: July 2011

Does your content strategy have principles?

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of visual, UX and software designers recently. The practice of design has always fascinated me. It started early on, when I received a crash course on graphic design from the first art director I ever worked with. He taught me that I shouldn’t write or think in

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Playing with the truth

How not to endear yourself to weary travelers. Don’t fib in English in the headline and tell the truth in French in the subhead. 15 minutes on complimentary Wi-Fi isn’t Wi-Fi For Free.


More underwear showing: The escape of the lorem ipsum

While wireframes with lorem ipsum raise the hackles of most content strategists, it’s even worse when it’s allowed to run wild in a production environment. Case in point: I stumbled across this piece of filler content (test bandeau) on the Château de Versailles home page this morning. Oops.

Don't let your lorem ipsum run wild


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