Month: June 2011

Contextualized targeting has limits

Trying to contextualize advertising on mobile devices has its limits. I’m a regular users of the NYT iPhone app. Over the few months I’ve started seeing advertising for French products and services, which isn’t a bad idea. But it’s important to get the demographics right. For example, trying to sell me a debit card for

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Lost in translation

Some translations are so bad that they have an almost surreal quality to them. I spotted this one yesterday in a Paris parking garage/car park.


Disintermediation of the ad agency?

“…the magazine’s job within Bloomberg is to create added value to the terminal business.”

This quote comes from a short but thought-provoking post by Noah Brier, one of the few bloggers that I read on a regular basis. I find it interesting because I think one of the fundamental obstacles to the widespread acceptance of content strategy is the advertising industry mindset.

Publishers used to run ads to generate revenues that supported their selling of content (journalism) at a loss. Advertisers used to spend money producing ads to sell their products and services. But what happens if advertisers publish content to add value to their products, like Bloomberg or Red Bull are doing? What’s left for the advertising agency?  Smells like disintermediation to me.


Your underwear is showing

Shopping Cart Error Message

Is this really supposed to be reassuring?

While shopping online today I was presented with this screed of code at the bottom of the Shipping Method Selection page. Goes on for lines and lines. How many people would run away when faced with this? Definitely doesn’t inspire much confidence. And I love the “will go away eventually” line. Error message content at its finest. Proof that sometimes the best content is no content at all. Instead, bang the table and get people to fix the problem instead of shaving the bear.

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