What’s the [exclamation] point?

While looking for travel insurance I stumbled across this piece of content. The product is entitled “Repatriation of Remains Solution.”

What really caught my eye was the body copy (no pun intended). It translates to: “Insurance for burial in your country of origin!” Is the exclamation point really necessary? Is it supposed to lighten up what is already a rather solemn subject? Does it indicate that I should feel lucky that I bought the said insurance? It seems almost apologetic.

Turns out there are nine products on this page. Each has a one-sentence product description — and each description ends in an exclamation point. The copy may do the job when it comes to SEO, but did anybody think about how it reads? What is with this French obsession with exclamation points?

And if you look closely at the photo, it gets even weirder. What is it supposed to represent? Two people standing at a graveside? One person about to be hit by a falling tree? Again proof that there’s more to content than words.


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