Month: February 2011

CS Awareness Tactic: Play the Content Card Game

A while back I tweeted that one of the biggest problems with selling the virtues of content strategy within an organization is that the people on the other side of the table rarely use their own web sites. This is especially true the higher up the food chain you go. Senior execs rarely ever visit,

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Overcoming Content Deficiency Disorder

I keep reading that companies are drowning in content. But I often run across ones that don’t have enough of the stuff. We’ve all stumbled across these online ghost towns. Everything is stale, static and out of date. Seen from the inside, these organizations often share similar traits. Lots of managers, no in-house content creators

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Out of the closet: An ode to lean CS

The other morning I was standing in front of the closet I share with my wife when I had an epiphany. The closet was a disaster. It was taking me forever to get dressed. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. The lighting was bad. I couldn’t access the shirts I wanted. My suit

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