Prologue: Habits of highly effective web content

I sometimes get the feeling that the world of content strategy is perpetually obsessed with strategy, and less with content.

Discussions quickly speed past content creation on their way to talking about managing it. For each PowerPoint slide describing the different forms of content you get a dozen more on how to slice and dice it.

Or sometimes it’s the complete opposite. Threads about content creation often veer off into wordsmithing, style guides and branded content.

Something is missing

As useful as all this is, it leaves me hungry. Where are the discussions about strategies for creating content? Take, for example, writing. Everyone seems to agree that writing for the web is fundamentally different than writing for print. But if this true, then the strategies for writing for the web must be fundamentally different as well, right?.

But what are the differences? Doesn’t effective web content, whether words, video, audio or whatever, share common strategic traits? What are they? This is what I’ve been obsessing about recently.

In the next three posts I’m going to take a modest stab at describing the three traits that I’ve found so far. This isn’t to say there aren’t others, but I’ve been testing this trio with clients and I’m getting traction. They seem to speak to them in ways that talk about CS tactics doesn’t, especially when working with people from advertising and marketing.

To help prevent indigestion, I’ve broken my thoughts into a 3-part series. The first installment will be published tomorrow.


2 comments on “Prologue: Habits of highly effective web content

  1. Jeri Hastava
    October 22, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    Can’t wait. Just had this conversation with my local professional group last night. It’s one thing to buy in to the theoretical practice of content strategy, but they’re “hungry” for some practical advice they can give their clients to help them – well – create all that good content.


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