Month: July 2010

Je ne suis pas content: Do cultural attitudes to writing affect content strategy?

I’m convinced that cultural attitudes to writing can have a big impact on content strategy, especially when you’re trying to produce web writing in English for non-English organizations. I’m going to use my experience in France to highlight some issues that I’ve encountered. Please note: I’m going to make sweeping generalizations about the French language

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Naked clients: the paradox of brevity and its cause

Two hours into a site redesign meeting I looked up to discover that my client was naked. Rewind. I’d been brought in on the project to develop the content. We were basically starting from zero, which was good, or so I thought. After interviewing a gaggle of execs, we’d come up with a site map

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Don't shoot the copywriter

Am I paranoid or does copywriting have a bad name in content strategy circles? The more I read, the more I feel like some members of the CS community want to distance themselves from copywriters. Worse, an ad hoc caste system seems to be emerging: At the bottom are copywriters, who come in two flavors.

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