Epilogue: Waking up from the Apple and UPS Customer Experience Nightmare

The nightmare is over. A couple weeks ago, just days after I blogged on my horrible customer experience, Apple called me to say that they had ordered a replacement for the lost MacBook Pro. The threat of financial loss melted away.

By pure coincidence, the day the computer finally arrived I got a call from the regional manager of UPS. We had a long conversation during which he repaired just about all the damage caused by the driver. Thanks to the information I was able to give him, he said he’ll be able to put an end to some problems that have been plaguing deliveries in his area.

Oen key takeaway of the whole experience is that the human connections between Apple and UPS aren’t as fast and seamless as the electronic ones. So while I can see in real time on Apple’s site when my parcel was delivered, Apple’s request for an internal inquiry took weeks to trickle down to the UPS regional manager. There needs to be tighter integration between customer and service provider, IMHO.

Mistakes happen.The true test of of a customer experience is what happens when things go wrong, not when they’re going right.

Full disclosure: neither company gave me any money or other incentives. They just listened to me, took into account my value as a customer, and did their best to reboot the experience. I felt like I had a duty to to finish the story and give a fair account of what happened.


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