Month: April 2010

Content strategy’s dirty secret

Shhh. I’ve discovered that content strategy has a dirty little secret: Most companies (i.e., your clients and mine) aren’t publishers — and they probably never will be. Let’s face facts. The vast majority of companies are in the business of selling products and services. Understandably, they see content as something that should support their business

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Content strategy as vegetable gardening

Back when the web was young I’d often compare creating a company’s first website to receiving a houseplant or a puppy as a gift. All of the sudden, the new owner had to start thinking about proper care and feeding, if the gift was going to live and be enjoyable to own. It was a

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Jane Goodall on the importance of storytelling

“It’s important to tell stories.  Sometimes you’re told, you’ll never change so-and-so’s mind. But if you can be one-on-one with that person and tell a couple of stories…   You usually can’t change people’s minds by the intellect.  You’ve got to find something that reaches into their hearts.” Jane Goodall, Harvard Business Review interview.

Laid in translation

Further proof that you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of translation in designing your customer experience. Photo courtesy of a good friend of mine. Taken at Orly airport this morning. Is there another sign saying you should be prepared to buy the liquids dinner first?

Wise words

The other night I caught the tail end of a French TV show called La Grande Librarie (The Big Bookstore). One of the guests was the South African crime writer, Deon Meyer, whose latest novel, 13 Hours, has just been released in French. I haven’t read it, but after what he said, I just might.

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I brake for apostrophes

If you’re going to advertise on Facebook, try hiring a proofreader. Or heck, why not a copywriter?

Web content strategy: the rhythm method

The other day one of my clients briefed me for a new launch. After discussing the product’s features, technology and selling points, we set about coming up with a shopping list of collateral needed to support the launch. When we turned our attention to web content, I could tell this part of the conversation was

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Random thoughts

Prototype as if you are right. Listen as if you are wrong. Diego Rodriguez