Who says words aren't important

Eurostar’s website gave me a scare this morning. I logged on to check a reservation that I made a couple weeks ago. The trip is tomorrow. After entering the reference number and my email, the system told me the reservation had been cancelled. Yikes.

A couple frantic calls to customer support (my penny) revealed that you can’t consult reservations that include a train ticket and hotel reservation. My reservation was in the system, but I can’t see it.

But instead of telling me this, the error message says the reservation is cancelled.

Just how many phone calls from customers like me are they going to field before they change the 10-word message? Is it a ploy to get me to call their customer service number (do they split the profits with the phone company)? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ll think twice before booking a hotel along with my next train ticket.


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