iPhones and cruise control

I’m fascinated by accusations of exploding iPhones in France. Are we witnessing the birth of an urban legend or is this a real product quality problem?

Everyone has an opinion on whether Apple is handling it correctly or not.

But what I find fascinating is how similar the reports are to the accusations made back in 2005 about  faulty cruise control systems. That year several drivers said that their mild-mannered Renault family sedans mysteriously transformed into uncontrollable cruise missiles. Braking, cutting the ignition, pulling the handbrake wouldn’t stop the car. These problems only seem to have happened in France. And oddly the news reports just faded from view. No headline court case. No class action suit.

Fast forward to 2009. Exploding iPhones are everywhere in the news in France. the government has launched an investigation. So has the European Commission. But why isn’t it happening in other countries. The reports coming out of Britiain and the States mention overheating but not exploding screens.

I’m eager to see how this plays out.


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